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Home page images on top of page

Black and white shot is Luke Dixon

Sexecology compass image by Julie Rogge

Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle with Earth, photo by Julian Cash, montage Daniel Wasko

Fist image design by Julie Rogge


Round photos on home page

Sexecology compass by Julie Rogge

Peyote by Unknown

Luke Dixon by Unknown

Sprinkle & Stephens with watering can: Julian Cash

April Flores with Jiz Lee: Carlos Batts

Coal mining destruction: Annie Sprinkle

Orange Juicing Woman, Madison Young: Randal Alan Smith

Eco Drag Queen: Lydia Danellier

March on Blair Mountain with Sarah Vekasi: Annie Sprinkle

Seaweed in tree dancer: Kevin O’Connor

Woman in Grass: Tiara

Wet rock: Unknown

Dumpster wallpaper artist: C. Finley

Naked tree huggers: Natty and Dani of Fuck for Forest

Graphic with bananas: Hoshi Hana


Additional photos

Blue Wedding to the Sea: Gigi Gatewood

Albert the white peacock, Green plants, ocean wave sex, hydranga: Annie Sprinkle

Beth and Annie on stage at the Cosmos Theater: Bettina

Group tree hug: Annie Sprinkle

Bread body with blue hair: Tessa Wills

Ecobouffe: Unknown

Couple in woods, Kalish and Milmo: Annie Sprinkle

Symposium 1 panel photos, Carol Queen & Robert Lawrence, Luna Bella & Joegh Bullock: Annie Sprinkle

Dirt Bed by Stephens & Sprinkle with Geoff Hendricks and friends.