Colchester, Essex England

July 14 - 20, 2013 at Prested Hall/Colchester Arts Center



Colchester, Essex England

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July 15-18


Four days of creating ecosex projects. 

Workshop will be held in Prested Hall, near Colchester in Essex.

This is a 5 day long residency project offering 20+ artists, performers, theoreticians, and activists the opportunity to create new work. This gathering is a chance to explore how art can literally change the world and how we see her. Led by Dr Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens and Dr Luke Dixon, this will be a rare chance to make work in stimulating and well resourced surroundings.

All work created can be publicly presented at the end of the week at the 1st INTERNATIONAL ECOSEX SYMPOSIUM (Colchester Arts Centre).

Workshop registration includes admission to all related events.


Sunday 14th July
Arrival, swimming (suits optional), plus meet & greet evening at Prested Hall.

Monday 15th – Thursday 18th July
Ecosex Project Making Workshop.

Prested Hall
July 19-20



Demonstrations, creativity, information, disruptions, debate, performance, papers, news, concerns, ideas, sharing hopes and dreams, and so much more…  Don’t bury your head in the sand! Unless you want to bond with the beach. Come join us!

Cost: £15. Each ticket grants entrance to both Day 1 and Day 2 of the panels. 
Be sure to purchase your tickets! REGISTER NOW


Friday 19th July
Symposium Panels Day 1

10.00-10:50 registration


Luke Dixon Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle: The Ecosexual Position

Ongoing Ambient Performatives 11:00 on

Morticia Catherine and Mithu Sanjal 
The Ritual of Wishful Thinking

Ecosex Theory Panel moderated by Beth Stephens 12:00-13.30

Kate O’Riordan 
Biodigital Paradoxes (symptoms of the biodigital)

Linking questions about sustaining knowledge in feminist art and activism and with work on emerging technologies:

I’m interested in the biodigital – the coming together of life itself and information systems – the convergence of biology and information sciences – life modulated through digital culture – the biodigital is on the one hand a descriptive term and on that basis might have an ontology and a lexicon – but it is also a tool of analysis or diagnostic and as such it has symptoms. Symptoms alert us to what has befallen us and provide the grounds for change.

Kate O’Riordan is a Reader in Digital Media at the University of Sussex and the University of California Santa Cruz respectively. 

Joanna Zylinska
Minimal Ethics

My talk outlines a minimal ethics for the whole universe. This minimal ethics enables us to think how humans can take responsibility for various thickenings of the universe, across different scales, and how they can respond to the tangled mesh of connections and relations unfolding in it. My mode of working mobilises “a post-masculinist rationality”, a more speculative mode of thinking that is akin to artistic creativity. The goal of this minimal ethics is not so much to tell us how to live but rather to allow us to rethink and remake “life” and what we can do with it.

Joanna Zylinska is a writer, photographer and curator. She works as Professor of New Media and Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Uriel Fogué
From Ecology in the dressing table to the Ecology in furs. (Eco) sadism and (eco)masochism: basis for a political ecology and a pornological geography

The purpose of this lecture is to explore the ways in which both practices, sadism and masochism perform space and propose two distinct forms of cohabitation, two antagonistic political ecologies, two dissimilar power structures: (Eco)sadism is the violent manner in which anthropocentrism has placed nature in the sense of standing-reserve, for the benefit of mankind. (Eco)masochism applies a different political ecology, one that revolves around the legal framework, around the acknowledgement of the rights of the environment through a Natural contract, and its implementation through a staged performance. They offer a taxonomy of ways of relating with the environment: a pornological geography to archive the eroticisms of nature.

Uriel Fogué teaches Architectural Project Design, is the co-founder of the research group [inter]section of Philosophy and Architecture. Crisis Cabinet of Political Fictions (Gabinete de crisis de ficciones políticas) and is the co-director of elii architecture office.

13.30-15.00 Lunch

Ecosex Art Panel moderated by Luke Dixon          15.00-16.30

Nicolas Dumit Estevez 
An Ecology of Love: Falling for the Bronx

During this presentation Estévez discusses “Born Again: A Lebanese Dominican Dominican York is Born Again as a Bronxite,” an experience dealing with his search for belonging in the place he now calls home. Some of the central elements of of this on-going quest are Estévez’s baptism as a Bronxite, a citizen of the Bronx, on the banks of the borough’s river, and his conversations and exchanges with different communities within his neighborhood. One of the actions performed as part of  “Born Again: A Lebanese Dominican Dominican York is Born Again as a Bronxite” consisted of a 3 day piece performed by Linda Mary Montano and Estévez. 

NICOLÁS DUMIT ESTÉVEZ treads an elusive path that manifests itself performatively or through experiences where the quotidian and art overlap. He has exhibited and performed extensively in the U.S. as well as internationally. Estévez Holds an MFA from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA; and an MA from Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York. Born in Santiago de los Treinta Caballeros, Dominican Republic, he lives and works in the Bronx.

Morticia Catherine
EcoNesting and the Art of Taking Care

Performer, Crochet addict, writer and Eco nester.

Home and Hearth are the ultimate work in progress. I am currently exploring Performance, writing, crochet and cooking around the art of caring and domestic Eco Sexual activism. 

How can we care for the bigger picture if our own roots are not secure. For years the idea of domesticity, has been seen as pedestrian, boring and lacking in creativity. 
This is far removed from the truth. 
From growing the kinky carrot to story telling our histories our homes are pivotal in expanding the roots of our creativity and nurturing the ecosexuals of the future.
For the next few days I will be taking Eco sexual confessionals, telling Eco sexual bedtime stories and talking about Eco Nesting… maybe crocheting a few hats.

Grace Gelder 
The Dynamics of Erotic Image Making 

Grace has been developing her erotic photography practice for the last 3 years and has developed a skill for taking people safely into a state where they can access their deep sensuality and express it for the camera. She currently co-produces the Erotic Awards and is passionate about creating a healthy and open discussion around all aspects of sexuality, whilst honouring and respecting the work of people who are often overlooked because of social stigma. Grace will be showing a small selection of work, including some images taken during the Ecosex Workshop.

BREAK 16.30-17.00

There will be some light snacks available.

Ecosex Activism Panel moderated by Luke Dixon 17.00-19.30

Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens
Our Adventures in EcoSex and Environmental Activism

Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle are ecosexuals, artists, filmmakers, collaborators, and life partners who create projects together from their home base in San Francisco. Stephens is an artist and activist as well as a professor at UC Santa Cruz.  Sprinkle was the first sex worker to earn a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality. Additionally she is an ecosexologist, multimedia artist and homemaker. See for more.

Luke Dixon

This presentation will reveal the ecosexual politics of connecting with the natural world by keeping bees in the heart of the urban jungle.

DR. LUKE DIXON is a beekeeper during the summer and a theatre director during the winter. He is the resident beekeeper of London’s Natural History Museum and the author of ‘Bees & Honey – myth, folklore and traditions’. For twenty years he toured the world with his company  Theatre Nomad.

Helena Willson 
The New University, SEX.EDU

Helena is a queer ecosexual who has been working within the sex industry and as a sex worker for over 10 years. She is an activist who is passionate about gender, sex worker rights, and the environment. Helena’s vision is to change the face of the sex industry as we know it by creating safe spaces for people to work, explore sex, art, theatre, education, and eco-sexual delights. 

She is here to talk about her personal experiences as a sex worker, and why she believes the sex industry, the ecosexual movement and environmentalists need to learn from each other and get earthy and sexy together.

Caroline Waters 
The Improvising Activist

Caroline is currently an Associate Lecturer of Dance at Chichester University UK and is a Broadcaster on Brighton and Hove Community Radio. Originally trained in Mime and Physical Theatre, she has constructed an international body of work located in the use of improvisation in performance as a context for physical research and performance. Mainly drawing from Contact Improvisation, New Dance practices and music, Caroline teaches, performs and directs in various situations ranging from the performic to the therapeutic.

Open Forum Part 1 18.30-19.45

Moderator to be announced.

Gabriella Daris 18.30
Lop Lop: WORD or WOman biRD(2008)
Film, 20’

Lop Lop: WORD or WOman biRD, is a solo dance cast by Gabriella Daris that explores the performative quality of Max Ernst’s collage, The Word or Woman-bird (1920) by ways of becoming it. The five prosthetic birds, extension of her body (black for A, white for E, red for I, green for U, blue for O), correspond to Arthur Rimbaud’s sonnet, Vowels, by ways of picta poiesis (painted poem), as she becomes a Vanessa Cardui (Painted Lady).

Aristotle’s De Anima describes the “spiritual motion” to be the erotic desire of the poet when he finds inspiration in the “phantastic spirit” of a woman. Similarly, Rimbaud’s Vowels have been viewed “as graphic representations of a woman’s body in orgasm.” At Cabaret Voltaire, Dada House, she performs a rite of passage from ποίησις (poiesis) into πράξις (praxis), on a one square meter stage; a liminal stage between the secret and the erotic, the esoteric coding of the poem and the oral eroticism/corporeal poetics.

Her figure stands as a hybrid of a Japanese geisha/Dionysian nymph and an absurd, woman-bird-puppet, embodying the naivety of sexual exploration and the struggle for sexual liberty, together with the self-indulgent pleasure of ageing and dying, in reference to Anna Pavlova’s The dying swan. In a shadow dance alienated from her body, Gabriella Daris casts her own Lop Lop, composing and at the same time, uttering a corporeal poem that attempts a synaesthesia of language. The poem gradually flutters out from her voyeurs’ fantasy; they become the poets and she, their phantasm. During her autoerotic scene, still in the process of becoming (s), she dies le petit mort.

Workshop participants and people/participants attending the symposium can sign up for approximately 10 minute slots to present art works, thoughts, live performances, etc…

Day 1 Wrap Up   19.20-19.30

Luke, Beth and Annie will invite audience to share their thoughts about what they’ve experienced, seen and heart, during the day.

Colchester Arts Centre
July 20 

Saturday 20th July
Symposium Panels Day 2   12.00-17.00

ECOSEX PRACTICE PANEL moderated by Annie Sprinkle  12.00-13.30

Sarah Rose Bright
Ecosexual Erotic Yoga Workshop for the Urbanly Challenged

Sarah Rose Bright is a Somatic Sex Coach and Educator helping people to overcome sexual concerns, discover their erotic and pleasure potential and celebrate their sexual selves. She also does erotic yoga coaching and workshops.  As a self confessed Eco Sexual living in a city, she has been exploring ways to bring Lover Earth into her sexual practices – Eco Sex Yoga. Sarah is delighted to be coming to EsSEX to share a taster of these with you.

Poppy Jackson
The Vagina as Autonomous Zone E-Zine 

Poppy Jackson makes body- and action-based works exploring violence as creative catalyst, female sexuality, nomadism and the boundaries between ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ spaces. Her work has been presented internationally, most recently at Grace Exhibition Space in New York. Jackson received a BA (Hons) in Visual Performance from Dartington College of Arts and is currently a Masters student of Goldsmiths University. She is an Associate Artist of ]performance s p a c e[ and Project Director of Liminal Bodies, the international network for nomadic artists.

Dani Ploeger
Sex / Waste

This presentation consists of two parts: one about sex and technology, and one about electronic waste. Both parts engage with one of the most prominent digital consumer goods: the smartphone. Mobile phones play an important role in the everyday social life of the majority of people in large parts of the western world. With the increase of computing power and network speed the devices are now also used for more intimate modes of communication, such as the consumption of visual pornography, and private sexual encounters with video and sound transmission. However, the material aspects of the rapid development and consumption of new phones – both in terms of the ecological consequences of electronic waste and the labour conditions of the manufacturing process – are largely kept outside our imagination of mobile communication as a world of shiny and clean lifestyle products that are always new and state of the art. 

Both celebrated as the “Jimi Hendrix of the sphincter” (Lidové Noviny, Czech Republic) and decried as an “asshole” (The Wire, UK)​, Dani’s performance installations involve consumer technologies and readily available medical devices, and explore themes around the technologized body, sexuality and vanity.​ Dani holds a PhD from the University of Sussex and is currently Lecturer in Theatre and Digital Arts at Brunel University London. 

OPEN FORUM PART 2 13.30-15.00

Workshop participants and people/participants attending the symposium can sign up for 10 minute slots to present their work, thoughts, lives, performances…

Moderator to be announced.

Bioni Samp
Hive Synthesis performance series,
attempts to create a symbiotic frequency relationship, like pollination and nectar exchanges, beekeeper and bees. Bioni Samp will be showing his bee themed film with live soundtrack… Bioni Samp –  ‘Electronic Journey To Avebury’ 15mins (an experimental remediation of a rare Super 8 film, A Journey to Avebury (1971), by acclaimed English film director Derek Jarman). As a electronic music producer and seasonal beekeeper. I was inspired to learn more about bee frequencies and make a creative work that incorporated these bee frequencies in the hope of raising awareness about bees and their increasingly fragile ecology system.

Bioni Samp is an artist, producer and video maker originally from Leeds, Yorkshire. He currently resides in London. He creates experimental electronic music, live and on recordings. He also seasonally works with bees. When not beekeeping, he makes custom audio software and hardware, which he uses in creating his music. Bioni Samp has been publishing his work since 1995 and has had releases on various labels: Aconito, EMIT (UK) Harthouse (DE) Philtre/Kompakt, Instinct, Minimalizm (USA) and Noise Music (BR).

Maria Prieto and Roxanne Werter
Militating Invasive Eco-Sex Erotica in Wastelands

This project centres on the shattered dreams from disappointment and related emotional ecologies aroused with regards to the present-day non-stop spread of technological wastelands on the planet. This work is located in a waste area in the surroundings of Prested Hall apartments in Feering, Colchester. Performers play the role of eco-sexual warriors who struggle with post-apocalyptic resources to turn a wasteland into a new environmental paradigm: an exploratory cosmology of bodily expressions of orgasmic-induced aggressive use of technology for a new environmental ‘projection’.

Maria Prieto is currently completing her Ph.D. at the University of Manchester. Her research interests focus on the politics of the body-in-pleasure in environmental design since the 1970s. She is a licensed architect in Spain and also practices psycho-sexual somatics therapy, tantra kriya yoga and permaculture.

Roxanne Werter is a graduate from a Digital Film and Screen Arts course from the University of Creative Arts, Farnham. She concentrates her work mostly on photography and has a great passion for the human sexuality, feminism and spirituality.


LUNCH 15.00-16.00


Hosted by Luke, Beth & Annie





Performed by Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, Adriana Pegorer, Maria Prieto, Gabriella Daris, Amen.


Diabola Balsa: UBERMIGRANT


Declan Patrick: GROWING DESIRE


Dani Ploeger: ASCENDING PERFORMANCE (digital is boring)

Caroline  Waters & Adriana Pegorer: Dis/tr-action

Nicolas Dumit Estevez: THE ORANGE COWBOY


Colchester Arts Centre

London, England

Date   Event Location/Venue 
July 24 

The Conway Collective in association with

Conway Hall presents


When Beth and Annie learn about the environmental crises, they see red and go green! They come out as “ecosexuals,” act up, get dirty, doe a bondage inspired protest, marry the Earth, and make eco-activism a little more sexy, fun and diverse.  Wear boots!!

Legendary queer performers Sprinkle and Stephens in the European premiere of their new show. In London for one performance only at Conway Hall.


Kesley Cage

Morticia Catherine

Gabriela Daris

Grace Gelder

Adriana Pegorer

Maria Prieto

Catherine Newell-Piper

Caroline Waters

Roxanne Werter

Helena Wilson

Produced by Luke Dixon
Directed by Patty Gallagher

Cost: £15.  Be sure to purchase your tickets! 

Conway Hall